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Ah, those damn website errors! Who has not already found themselves in front of a refused access page? When that happens it’s frustrating and what do we do? We close the window and move on to another website.

An error on your website is like the door of your business closed during its normal opening hours. The customer will therefore seek information from your competitors. You lose a customer, a prospect and some turnover.

To avoid this, it is necessary to be reactive. If you call on a service provider to create your site, your immediate reflex will be to contact them in order to resolve this error without further delay. If you are building your site yourself, it can be tricky to do things without increasing the risk of new errors.

In order to prevent all the inconveniences associated with errors, Créat’ can diagnose and troubleshoot the most common errors.

Find out below the types of errors we can intervene on.

A database is a set of structured information, accessible from a software.

Nowadays, most websites need a database to work. Thereby, a configuration file makes the link to retrieve the information and display it legibly on the visitor’s computer.

Consequently, a database connection error indicates that connection data is missing or contains incorrect information to link your website to the database. One or more of these datas can be the source of the error:

  • The database server,
  • The name of the database,
  • The database user,
  • The database password.

In order to troubleshoot your website, we need you to provide us with:

  • your database connection informations (retrievable from the website host),
  • your ftp server connection informations (server address, username and password)

You had access to the website a few seconds ago, then suddenly an error tells you that you no longer have permission to access the resource.

If you need to identify yourself with a login and password to access the page, then check that you are logged in. Thus, a reconnection is generally sufficient to reestablish your access.

If this is not the case, it is possible that a restriction of your ip address is causing the error.

In order for us to troubleshoot your website, we will need:

  • your ftp server connection information (server address, username and password),
  • your public ip address that you can easily obtain on

This error usually appears due to an SSL certificate issue.

The SSL certificate is a protocol that secures the exchange of information between a computer and the website. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you activate an SSL certificate on your hosting. Be aware that most hosts offer a free one. This is the case with OVH Cloud with which we work.

So that we can intervene in the troubleshooting of your website, we will need:

  • your ftp server connection information (server address, username and password),
  • an acces to your website admin panel,
  • confirmation that the SSL protocol is active.

An unreachable site error is usually caused by a problem with your hosting that appears to be unavailable.

Indeed, each hosting has an IP address which must be reachable to be able to display the site. If your site is no longer displayed, first check that your hosting renewal has been completed. Indeed, an oversight can quickly happen.

Then, contact your hoster to find out if an incident has not been identified with them and which would impact your hosting.

Finally, if you have not found any reason for this error message, you can contact us for troubleshooting your website by providing us with the following:

  • IP address of your hosting,
  • Name of your hoster.

Hacking a website consists of taking control of a hosting unbeknowst to its owner. It is not really an error but it is part of the urgent and unfortunately difficult to correct interventions.

Whatever the type or size of the site, it can be the victim of a malicious hacker who wants to recover personal information or take advantage of your hosting to integrate often malicious content.

In order to block the hacker who has entered your hosting, you will first have to have the reflex to change all the passwords:

  • of the administration panel of your website,
  • of your FTP server,
  • of your database.

After these changes you block all access to your site and its content.

Then, you will have to clean your FTP space and your database.

Créat’ can help you. Be aware, however, that this is a long intervention and sometimes, if the damage caused by the hacker is irreversible, it will be impossible to recover the site in its entirety.

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